Top 82 Free Agents with Predictions

1. 2B Robinson Cano- Yankees 8 years, 190 Million
2. OF Jacoby Ellsbury- Cubs 5 years, 82 Million
3. OF Shin-Soo Choo- Mets 5 years, 75 Million
4. OF Carlos Beltran- Yankees 2 years, 36 Million
5. C Brian McCann- Rangers 4 years, 62 Million
6. SP Masahrio Tanaka-Giants 6 years, 80 Million
7. SP Ubaldo Jimenez- Angels 4 years, 63 Million
8. OF Curtis Granderson- Tigers, 3 years, 53 Million
9. SP Ervin Santana- Blue Jays, 3 years, 55 Million
10. OF Nelson Cruz- Mariners 3 years, 45 Million
11. SP Matt Garza- Nationals 4 years, 70 Million
12. 1B Mike Napoli- Red Sox, 3 years, 48 Million
13. SP Hiroki Kuroda- Yankees, 1 year, 15 Million
14. SP AJ Burnett- Pirates 2 years, 26 Million
15. SP Ricky Nolasco- Dodgers 3 years, 41 Million
16. 3B Jhonny Peralta- Pirates 2 years, 23 Million
17. 2B Omar Infante- Tigers 2 years, 25 Million
18. SS Stephen Drew- Cardinals 2 years, 24 Million
19. RP Joe Nathan- Angels 2 years, 21 Million
20. RP Joaquin Benoit- Tigers 2 years 17 Million
21. RP Brian Wilson-Mets 1 year, 8 Million
22. SP Dan Haren-Padres 1 year, 7 Million
23. 1B James Loney- Rays 2 years, 20 Million
24. SP Josh Johnson- Yankees 3 years, 37 Million
25. 1B/OF Corey Hart- Twins 1 year, 5 Million
26. RP Grant Balfour- Athletics 2 years, 17 Million
27. DH Kendrys Morales- Orioles 2 years, 25 Million
28. C Jarrod Saltalamachhia- Red Sox 2 years, 14 Million
29. SP Bartolo Colon- Athletics 1 year, 10 Million
30. SP Paul Maholm- Marlins 2 years, 12 Million
31. OF Marlon Byrd- Pirates 1 year, 7 Million
32. RP Fernando Rodney- Indians 1 year, 7 Million
33. SP Roy Halladay- Yankees 1 year, 6 Million
34. 1B Justin Morneau- Pirates 2 years, 15 Million
35. SP Jason Vargas- Angels 2 years, 17 Million
36. SP Scott Kazmir- Indians 1 year, 8 Million
37. SP Tim Hudson- Braves 1 year, 8 Million
38. 3B Juan Uribe- Marlins 1 year, 5 Million
39. RP Edward Mujica- Orioles 2 years, 16 Million
40. SP Phil Hughes- Twins 2 years, 10 Million
41. SP Bronson Arroyo- Mets 2 years, 12 Million
42. RP Joe Smith- Tigers 2 years, 7 Million
43. OF David Murphy- Reds 2 years, 9 Million
44. OF Nate McLouth- Orioles 2 years, 9 Million
45. 2B Kelly Johnson- Dodgers 2 years, 12 Million
46. C Carlos Ruiz-Phillies 2 years, 11 Million
47. RP Jesse Crain- Astros 1 year, 4 Million
48. SP Scott Feldman- Mariners 2 years, 11 Million
49. SP Suk-Min Yoon- Royals 2 years, 18 Millon
50. OF Chris Young- Phillies 2 years, 10 Million
51. OF Mike Morse-Rangers 2 years, 9 Million
52. C AJ Pierzynski- Yankees 1 year, 7 Million
53. RP Chris Perez- Astros 1 year, 3 Million
54. RP JP Howell- Yankees 1 year, 2 Million
55. SP Scott Baker- Rockies 1 year, 5 Million
56. RP Javier Lopez- Tigers 1 year, 4 Million
57. OF Rajai Davis- Tigers 1 year, 2 Million
58. 2B Mark Ellis-Orioles 2 years, 9 Million
59. SP Jake Westbrook- Rockies 1 year, 4 Million
60. RP Joel Hanrahan- Phillies 2 years, 8 Million
61. RP Boone Logan- Rays 1 year, 2 Million
62. RP Francisco Rodriguez- Phillies 2 years, 7 Million
63. SP Chris Capuano- Rangers 1 year, 3 Million
64. 3B Eric Chavez- Yankees 2 years, 7.5 Million
65. 1B Kevin Youkilis-Dodgers 1 year, 5 Million
66. IF Michael Young- Blue Jays 2 years, 10 Million
67. RP Eric O’Flaherty-Rangers 2 years, 8 Million
68. RP Scott Downs- Cardinals 2 years, 5 Million
69. RP Jose Veras- Rockies 1 year, 4 Million
70. SP Bruce Chen- Blue Jays 1 year, 3.5 Million
71. 1B Paul Konerko- Brewers 1 year, 4 Million
72. SP Gavin Floyd- Orioles 2 years, 5 Million
73. RP Joba Chamberlin- Cubs 2 years, 7 Million
74. OF Franklin Gutierrez- Rays 1 year, 3 Million
75. OF Raul Ibanez- Twins 1 year, 2 Million
76. OF Jason Kubel- Rangers 2 years, 9 Million
77. SP Shaun Marcum-Red Sox 1 year, 3 Million
78. 2B Skip Schumaker- Rays 2 years, 4 Million
79. RP Manny Parra- Athletics 2 years, 6 Million
80. RP Matt Thornton- Red Sox 1 year, 2 Million
81. C Kurt Suzuki- Twins 1 year, 4 Million
82. DH Delmon Young- Yankees 1 year, 3 Million

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2013 MLB Award Predictions


  1. 3B Miguel Cabrera
  2. 1B Chris Davis
  3. OF Mike Trout
  4. 2B Robinson Cano
  5. 2B Dustin Pedroia
  6. 3B Manny Machado
  7. 3B Josh Donaldson
  8. 3B Adrian Beltre
  9. 3B Evan Longoria
  10. 1B Edwin Encarnacion


  1. 1B Paul Goldschmidt
  2. OF Andrew McCutchen
  3. SS Andrelton Simmons
  4. 1B Joey Votto
  5. 2B Matt Carpenter
  6. C Yadier Molina
  7. 1B Freddie Freeman
  8. OF Carlos Gomez
  9. 3B Hanley Ramirez
  10. OF Yasiel Puig

AL Cy Young

  1. SP Max Scherzer
  2. SP Yu Darvish
  3. SP Hisashi Iwakuma
  4. SP Anibal Sanchez
  5. SP Chris Sale

NL Cy Young

  1. SP Clayton Kershaw
  2. SP Jose Fernandez
  3. SP Matt Harvey
  4. SP Zack Greinke
  5. SP Cliff Lee


  1. SS Jose Iglesias
  2. OF Wil Myers
  3. SP Chris Archer


  1. SP Jose Fernandez
  2. OF Yasiel Puig
  3. SP Hyun-Yin Ryu

AL Manager of Year

  1. John Farrell
  2. Terry Francona
  3. Jim Leyland

NL Manager of Year

  1. Clint Hurdle
  2. Don Mattingly
  3. Mike Matheny


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2013 World Series Preview

PICK: Cardinals in 5
C: Molina vs. Saltalamachhia: Molina
1B: Adams vs. Napoli: Napoli
2B: Carpenter vs. Pedroia: Pedroia
SS: Kozma vs. Drew: Drew
3B: Freese vs. Bogaerts: Freese
LF: Holliday vs. Gomes: Holliday
CF: Jay vs. Ellsbury: Ellsbury
RF: Beltran vs. Victorino: Beltran
DH: Craig vs. Ortiz: Ortiz
Manager: Matheny vs. Farrell: Matheny
SP 1: Wainwright vs. Lester: Wainwright
SP 2: Wacha vs. Lackey: Wacha
SP 3: Kelly vs. Buchholz: Buchholz
SP 4: Lynn vs. Peavy: Peavy
Closer: Uehara vs. Rosenthal: Uehara
Rest Of Bullpen: Red Sox

Red Sox- The bats have to come alive because the pitching isn’t getting an easier
Cardinals- Make smart moves on the field and play smart baseball, need Wainwright and Wacha to hold it down

Red Sox
Hero: Dustin Pedroia or David Ortiz
Goat: Jake Peavy or Clay Buchholz
Hero: Carlos Beltran or Matt Adams
Goat: Matt Carpenter or Allen Craig

Red Sox- When the series moves to St. Louis they’ll need to put Napoli behind the plate and Ortiz at first to keep a decent offense. They could keep Napoli on the bench to pinch hit but I’d start him at catcher
Cardinals-They have to win one in Boston to win the World Series, they need Game 1 or 2

OFFENSE: The Red Sox bats are cold other than their clutch hits. They need to come back alive and Pedroia, Ortiz and Napoli have to set the tone for the offense. Ellsbury may fly under the radar this series and do a good job. The Cardinals have the modern day Mr. October in Carlos Beltran, and they have good hitters and I like their offense. if it performs to the expected level, they could even hold the offensive the this series. Gomes and Nava will fight for starts, Nava is the better hitter but Gomes has power and when he’s in the line-up the Sox win, so watch for them to split time.

PITCHING: They both have decent bullpens, and the starters are a split, Wainwright and Wacha are two studs where the Sox just need someone to step up, like John Lackey who won Game 7 of the 2002 World Series. I expect ltos of great pitching this series.

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Tigers vs Red Sox Preview

The Tigers and Red Sox will meet in the playoffs for the first time tonight. The Sox beat a good Rays team in 4 games, and the Tigers battled out a 5 game series with the tough A’s victoriously. This series should be a tough one to win for either side. You can never count either of them out. The Tigers won the season series 4-3 this year and it should take a lot of games and work to decide this series. I do think the Red Sox are a bit overrated because their pitching isn’t top notch.

Pitching: The Tigers have the potential to have a good start every time out. The Red Sox have talent but it hasn’t always been put together this year which is dangerous in the playoffs. Lackey could be their best starter, he is a pretty good postseason starter. Peavy I the big question mark in their rotation. The Tigers need to get to him to win it. The Tigers need wins when Scherzer and Verlander are out there.

Hitting: There’s is sluggers in this series, and I expect the Tigers offense to perk up, making it higher scoring. The top of the Sox order and middle of the Tigers order will be hard outs, expect a lot of production from them. Johnny Gomes and Will Middlebrooks and Alex Avila for the Tigers may fly under the radar.

PREDICTION: Tigers in 7 (Games 2,3,5,7)

Potential Hero: Miguel Cabrera
Potential Goat: Austin Jackson
2 cents: Need to play there game on offense and hold the offense of the Sox to less runs than last match-up and could win the pennant.
Red Sox
Potential Hero: David Ortiz
Potential Goat: Jon Lester
2 cents: They have to protect themselves at Fenway and use their home field to their advantage

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Tigers Keys To Win the ALCS

  1. WIN A GAME IN BOSTON BEFORE HEADING HOME- The Tigers have won one of the first games in each playoff series that they’ve been in since 2011 besides twice.  Both those times they got eliminated.  The importance of winning one in Boston is huge.  The Tigers have Sanchez and Scherzer going in Fenway and they won 1 of 3 at Fenway this year, so one game is very do-able for this squad
  2. SHUT DOWN THE BIG BATS- If the Tigers shut down the bigger bats in the Boston line-up, it’s a lot less scary.  They can’t let Ellsbury do what Crisp did and shutting down Ortiz and Napoli would be huge.  Pedroia will always be a “pest” for every team, but if the Tigers can hold two of those guys to a bad series with their good starting pitching, they have a lot better shot as repeating as AL champions in 2013.
  3. HAVE A SPARK- Austin Jackson is in a slump, he had a huge hit in Game 4 but aside from that he hasn’t helped the Tigers much at all.  I wouldn’t completely mess with the line-up at this point, since he only leads off the game once and maybe leads off one more inning each game.  Leading off can be hard, there’s pressure to get on base and sometimes not getting to see what the pitcher has that day before stepping up to the plate.  Jackson has done a decent job in that spot since 2012 in the regular season, they just need him to relax at the plate and he needs to be more patient.  The Tigers need Hunter, Cabrera and Fielder be the powerful and professional hitters they are this series and Jackson’s slump won’t hurt near as bad
  4. USE PERALTA IN LEFT- I think he’s done more with the bat that helped than more in the field that hurt so far.  I’d play him, he’s the Tigers hottest hitter besides Victor Martinez (6 for 8 since Game 4)
  5. RELY ON STARTERS- After watching the ALDS, the only two relievers with full trust are Benoit and Smyly.  Coke was clutch in the ALCS last year, so maybe he likes the postseason environment to pitch in, but I still don’t trust him.  Stick with the starters as long as you can.  Scherzer and Verlander proved they could come up big and Fister grinded out a decent start in Game 4.  Sanchez could rebound too.  I’d stick with them as long as I could.
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Head to Head ALCS: Tigers vs Red Sox

Catcher: Alex Avila vs. Jarrod Saltalamachhia EDGE: Red Sox
1B: Prince Fielder vs. Mike Napoli EDGE: Tigers
2B: Omar Infante vs. Dustin Pedroia EDGE: Red Sox
SS: Jose Iglesias vs. Stephen Drew EDGE: Tigers
3B: Miguel Cabrera vs. Will Middlebrooks EDGE: Tigers
LF: Jhonny Peralta vs. Daniel Nava EDGE: Tigers
CF: Austin Jackson vs. Jacoby Ellsbury EDGE: Red Sox
RF: Torii Hunter vs. Shane Victorino EDGE: Tigers
G1 SP: Sanchez vs. Lester EDGE: Red Sox
G2 SP: Scherzer vs. Buchholz EDGE: Tigers
G3 SP: Verlander vs. Lackey EDGE: Tigers
G4 SP: Fister vs. Peavy EDGE: Draw
Closer: Benoit vs. Uehara EDGE: Red Sox
Setup: Smyly vs. Breslow EDGE: Tigers
Rest of Bullpen EDGE: Red Sox
Bench EDGE: Red Sox
Manager: Leyland vs. Farrell EDGE: Tigers
Home Field Advantage EDGE: Draw
Tigers 9, Red Sox 7, Draw 2

This will be a close won, these are the two best teams in the AL and it should be well fought out.

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Ranking the Starting Pitchers left in the Postseason

Based on talent and performance in postseason and regular season so far, a good track record helps.

  1. Clayton Kershaw
  2. Max Scherzer
  3. Adam Wainwright
  4. Justin Verlander
  5. Zack Greinke
  6. Michael Wacha
  7. Jon Lester
  8. Anibal Sanchez
  9. Jake Peavy
  10. John Lackey
  11. Doug Fister
  12. Clay Buchholz
  13. Hyun-jin Ryu
  14. Joe Kelly
  15. Ricky Nolasco
  16. Lance Lynn

Ranking Leadoff Hitters

  1. Carl Crawford
  2. Matt Carpenter
  3. Jaocby Ellsbury
  4. Austin Jackson

Ranking the Closers

  1. Koji Uehara
  2. Kenley Jansen
  3. Joaquin Benoit
  4. Edward Mujica


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Quick Note On Tigers-Athletics Game 4

The Tigers are a good team and can still win this series. Think about it this way, a good game in their home park and the series is tied 2-2 and even though Game 5 is in Oakland, with Max Scherzer going. The A’s are a good team but they need to get past the ALDS and if they lose tonight, they may be in trouble. I like Fister’s chances tonight too. Expect a big hit from a Tigers player. I’ve watched the Tigers all year and I just don’t think they’ll go out without a fight. Grant Balfour fired them up yesterday and I think the team can handle Jhonny Peralta in left and use his bat to win. Anyone at the bottom of the Tigers order can step up too.  The Athletics are the favorites as f now and they have a special team too, I just think this Tigers team can overmatch them, and I’m not just saying that, I really believe it.  

  1. Austin Jackson need sto get on and the top of the order needs to step up
  2. If Fister gets in trouble yank him, it’s win or go home
  3. Score early and often, any way you can

Predicted Final: Athletics 3 Tigers 8

FIster 7 IP 6 H 3 ER 1 BB 7 K
Straily 6 IP 8 H 4 ER 2 BB 7 K

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Tigers vs Athletics: Postion by Position

Catcher: Alex Avila vs Derek Norris: Avila, his clutch homers come on handy and he’s hot
1B: Prince Fielder vs Brandon Moss: Fielder, can come up with big postseason HRs. Star Power
2B: Omar Infante vs Alberto Callaspo: Infante, he’s just better overall
SS: Jose Iglesias vs Jed Lowrie: Iglesias, His defense and the imension he brings to the Tigers
3B: Miguel Cabrera vs Josh Donaldson: Cabrera. even when he’s hurt
LF: Andy Dirks vs Yoenis Cespedes: Cespedes, he blows Dirks away
CF: Austin Jackson vs Coco Crisp: Crisp, he might be a goat again like last year though an Jackson will hlp on defense and other ways no matter what while being a good hitter
RF: Torii Hunter vs Josh Reddick: Hunter, should have a better overall series, Reddick’s power is scary
DH: Victor Martinez vs Seth Smith: Martinez, Not even close
Starters: Tigers win, their ace is better and Verlander is an awesome two guy to have in the playoffs. In all honesty the Tigers could beat up on the Athletics pitching.  The Tigers have a 3 head monster plus Fister.  The Athletics are lacking behind Colon, a guy who could get beat up by the Tigers.  Parker could do decent, but Gray is a question mark as is Straily.  The Tigers should outpitch the A’s.
Relievers: Athletics have the advantage here, the Tigers should take big leads and avoid extra innings games at all cost, though I think Benoit will do better and get more saves in the playoffs than Balfour
Bench: Athletics win because the depth and talent, the Tigers have those but not as much.
Manager: Jim Leyland vs Bob Melvin: Leyland, he’s been here and won and is ready to with the Tigers
Fans: Tigers win, though A’s fans are loud and razy, Tigers fans are steady and more supportive and could have an impact
FINAL: Tigers 10, Athletics 4

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Answering Some Playoff Polls

I was recently on ESPN and did some of the SportsNation polls. I thought I’d share my opinions with you.

What is more important in the postseason: power or speed? Power

I picked the Dodgers, Pirates, Rays, and Tigers to refresh your memories. I think the Red Sox are the most overrated team in the postseason. They’re a good team but there are many better playoff teams. I think the Rays will give them a lot of trouble. I think the Pirates and Dodgers have a great chance at making the World Series, as do the Tigers and Rays. This may be the year a Wild Card makes it back to the World Series since the Rockies in 2007.

Who has the better line-up: Braves or Dodgers?: Dodgers
Who has the better overall pitchers: Braves or Dodgers? Dodgers by a little
What Yasiel Puig will show-up, the first half Puig or the second half Puig?: The first half Puig
Should the Braves bench BJ Upton for Evan Gattis: Yes, in some games
(I also think Uggla should be on the roster, they have plenty of guys who have hit poorly on it)
How big of an impact is it on the Dodgers that Kemp is out? A little
How big of an impact is it on the Braves that they don’t have an ace? A little

The Rangers shouldn’t fire Ron Washington, they need pitching and one more hitter
The Reds can have success with their current core, they need some more pieces and maybe a new manager, but they should have the same or more success then the Indians in the next few years

Ranking the Postseason Managers

  1. Joe Maddon
  2. Jim Leyland
  3. Terry Francona
  4. Clint Hurdle
  5. Mike Matheny
  6. Bob Melvin
  7. Fredi Gonzalez
  8. Don Mattingly
  9. John Farrell
  10. Dusty Baker


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