Quick Note on Tigers trades

The Tigers have now given up Brayan Villarreal, Avisial Garcia, and Danry Vasquez for Jose Veras and Jose Iglesias. I think they over payed, but they still got good players in return. The Tigers have a lot of outfield and relief pitcher prospects that are good but they gave up some of the best players in their minor league system. It will all be okay if the Tigers win it all, any payment is. Avisail Garcia could be an all-star though and I hate to see him go. Iglesias fits a need for the Tigers though. I still wouldn’t mind seeing the Tigers pick up another reliever or corner outfielder with speed and/or power. If they do though it should be cheap. I’m thinking Nate Schierholtz or maybe Dejesus or someone like that. The Red Sox got the best part of the 3 team trade, while the Tigers are slightly above the White Sox I think because the only really good player the White Sox got is Garcia and I’d consider Iglesias good too and he should help the Tigers in the playoffs. The Tigers join the Marlins and White Sox as teams with more than one Cuban player now too, a little cool fact I thought.

Tomorrow I will be at the Tigers game but will be keeping update with rumors, trades, and everything else and giving my opinions and ideas on it, so follow me on twitter @Niktigs, I love to talk baseball and will follow you back!

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