Product Review: OOTP 14

The Trade Deadline was a week, and I’m sure we all had clever moves up our sleeves for out favorite teams to help them now or in the future, or maybe even both.  While I have a five start product to review for you guys, OOTP 14! Out of the Park Baseball is a computer game and an app where you can take control of your favorite team on Opening Day 2013, or any other year! You can also create a fictional league.  You control all of the moves and it is the most in depth baseball simulation out there, and you get to control the moves that either make or break your team.  Even the app is deep and very fun.  I’m always playing this game trying to figure out good line-ups to make, trades to offer, and ways to win, as if I’m the GM of a team.  It’s a great game and I would recommend it, it goes above and beyond an A+ rating. It’s 39.99 for the computer game and 5 dollars in the Apple app store and it’ll be a great $40 dollars spent! If you got the game in the past you’ll understand how fun it is and know that they’ve only made improvements, so go get the game now! You won’t regret it.

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