Answering Some Playoff Polls

I was recently on ESPN and did some of the SportsNation polls. I thought I’d share my opinions with you.

What is more important in the postseason: power or speed? Power

I picked the Dodgers, Pirates, Rays, and Tigers to refresh your memories. I think the Red Sox are the most overrated team in the postseason. They’re a good team but there are many better playoff teams. I think the Rays will give them a lot of trouble. I think the Pirates and Dodgers have a great chance at making the World Series, as do the Tigers and Rays. This may be the year a Wild Card makes it back to the World Series since the Rockies in 2007.

Who has the better line-up: Braves or Dodgers?: Dodgers
Who has the better overall pitchers: Braves or Dodgers? Dodgers by a little
What Yasiel Puig will show-up, the first half Puig or the second half Puig?: The first half Puig
Should the Braves bench BJ Upton for Evan Gattis: Yes, in some games
(I also think Uggla should be on the roster, they have plenty of guys who have hit poorly on it)
How big of an impact is it on the Dodgers that Kemp is out? A little
How big of an impact is it on the Braves that they don’t have an ace? A little

The Rangers shouldn’t fire Ron Washington, they need pitching and one more hitter
The Reds can have success with their current core, they need some more pieces and maybe a new manager, but they should have the same or more success then the Indians in the next few years

Ranking the Postseason Managers

  1. Joe Maddon
  2. Jim Leyland
  3. Terry Francona
  4. Clint Hurdle
  5. Mike Matheny
  6. Bob Melvin
  7. Fredi Gonzalez
  8. Don Mattingly
  9. John Farrell
  10. Dusty Baker


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