Tigers vs Athletics: Postion by Position

Catcher: Alex Avila vs Derek Norris: Avila, his clutch homers come on handy and he’s hot
1B: Prince Fielder vs Brandon Moss: Fielder, can come up with big postseason HRs. Star Power
2B: Omar Infante vs Alberto Callaspo: Infante, he’s just better overall
SS: Jose Iglesias vs Jed Lowrie: Iglesias, His defense and the imension he brings to the Tigers
3B: Miguel Cabrera vs Josh Donaldson: Cabrera. even when he’s hurt
LF: Andy Dirks vs Yoenis Cespedes: Cespedes, he blows Dirks away
CF: Austin Jackson vs Coco Crisp: Crisp, he might be a goat again like last year though an Jackson will hlp on defense and other ways no matter what while being a good hitter
RF: Torii Hunter vs Josh Reddick: Hunter, should have a better overall series, Reddick’s power is scary
DH: Victor Martinez vs Seth Smith: Martinez, Not even close
Starters: Tigers win, their ace is better and Verlander is an awesome two guy to have in the playoffs. In all honesty the Tigers could beat up on the Athletics pitching.  The Tigers have a 3 head monster plus Fister.  The Athletics are lacking behind Colon, a guy who could get beat up by the Tigers.  Parker could do decent, but Gray is a question mark as is Straily.  The Tigers should outpitch the A’s.
Relievers: Athletics have the advantage here, the Tigers should take big leads and avoid extra innings games at all cost, though I think Benoit will do better and get more saves in the playoffs than Balfour
Bench: Athletics win because the depth and talent, the Tigers have those but not as much.
Manager: Jim Leyland vs Bob Melvin: Leyland, he’s been here and won and is ready to with the Tigers
Fans: Tigers win, though A’s fans are loud and razy, Tigers fans are steady and more supportive and could have an impact
FINAL: Tigers 10, Athletics 4

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