Head to Head ALCS: Tigers vs Red Sox

Catcher: Alex Avila vs. Jarrod Saltalamachhia EDGE: Red Sox
1B: Prince Fielder vs. Mike Napoli EDGE: Tigers
2B: Omar Infante vs. Dustin Pedroia EDGE: Red Sox
SS: Jose Iglesias vs. Stephen Drew EDGE: Tigers
3B: Miguel Cabrera vs. Will Middlebrooks EDGE: Tigers
LF: Jhonny Peralta vs. Daniel Nava EDGE: Tigers
CF: Austin Jackson vs. Jacoby Ellsbury EDGE: Red Sox
RF: Torii Hunter vs. Shane Victorino EDGE: Tigers
G1 SP: Sanchez vs. Lester EDGE: Red Sox
G2 SP: Scherzer vs. Buchholz EDGE: Tigers
G3 SP: Verlander vs. Lackey EDGE: Tigers
G4 SP: Fister vs. Peavy EDGE: Draw
Closer: Benoit vs. Uehara EDGE: Red Sox
Setup: Smyly vs. Breslow EDGE: Tigers
Rest of Bullpen EDGE: Red Sox
Bench EDGE: Red Sox
Manager: Leyland vs. Farrell EDGE: Tigers
Home Field Advantage EDGE: Draw
Tigers 9, Red Sox 7, Draw 2

This will be a close won, these are the two best teams in the AL and it should be well fought out.

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