Tigers vs Red Sox Preview

The Tigers and Red Sox will meet in the playoffs for the first time tonight. The Sox beat a good Rays team in 4 games, and the Tigers battled out a 5 game series with the tough A’s victoriously. This series should be a tough one to win for either side. You can never count either of them out. The Tigers won the season series 4-3 this year and it should take a lot of games and work to decide this series. I do think the Red Sox are a bit overrated because their pitching isn’t top notch.

Pitching: The Tigers have the potential to have a good start every time out. The Red Sox have talent but it hasn’t always been put together this year which is dangerous in the playoffs. Lackey could be their best starter, he is a pretty good postseason starter. Peavy I the big question mark in their rotation. The Tigers need to get to him to win it. The Tigers need wins when Scherzer and Verlander are out there.

Hitting: There’s is sluggers in this series, and I expect the Tigers offense to perk up, making it higher scoring. The top of the Sox order and middle of the Tigers order will be hard outs, expect a lot of production from them. Johnny Gomes and Will Middlebrooks and Alex Avila for the Tigers may fly under the radar.

PREDICTION: Tigers in 7 (Games 2,3,5,7)

Potential Hero: Miguel Cabrera
Potential Goat: Austin Jackson
2 cents: Need to play there game on offense and hold the offense of the Sox to less runs than last match-up and could win the pennant.
Red Sox
Potential Hero: David Ortiz
Potential Goat: Jon Lester
2 cents: They have to protect themselves at Fenway and use their home field to their advantage

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