2013 World Series Preview

PICK: Cardinals in 5
C: Molina vs. Saltalamachhia: Molina
1B: Adams vs. Napoli: Napoli
2B: Carpenter vs. Pedroia: Pedroia
SS: Kozma vs. Drew: Drew
3B: Freese vs. Bogaerts: Freese
LF: Holliday vs. Gomes: Holliday
CF: Jay vs. Ellsbury: Ellsbury
RF: Beltran vs. Victorino: Beltran
DH: Craig vs. Ortiz: Ortiz
Manager: Matheny vs. Farrell: Matheny
SP 1: Wainwright vs. Lester: Wainwright
SP 2: Wacha vs. Lackey: Wacha
SP 3: Kelly vs. Buchholz: Buchholz
SP 4: Lynn vs. Peavy: Peavy
Closer: Uehara vs. Rosenthal: Uehara
Rest Of Bullpen: Red Sox

Red Sox- The bats have to come alive because the pitching isn’t getting an easier
Cardinals- Make smart moves on the field and play smart baseball, need Wainwright and Wacha to hold it down

Red Sox
Hero: Dustin Pedroia or David Ortiz
Goat: Jake Peavy or Clay Buchholz
Hero: Carlos Beltran or Matt Adams
Goat: Matt Carpenter or Allen Craig

Red Sox- When the series moves to St. Louis they’ll need to put Napoli behind the plate and Ortiz at first to keep a decent offense. They could keep Napoli on the bench to pinch hit but I’d start him at catcher
Cardinals-They have to win one in Boston to win the World Series, they need Game 1 or 2

OFFENSE: The Red Sox bats are cold other than their clutch hits. They need to come back alive and Pedroia, Ortiz and Napoli have to set the tone for the offense. Ellsbury may fly under the radar this series and do a good job. The Cardinals have the modern day Mr. October in Carlos Beltran, and they have good hitters and I like their offense. if it performs to the expected level, they could even hold the offensive the this series. Gomes and Nava will fight for starts, Nava is the better hitter but Gomes has power and when he’s in the line-up the Sox win, so watch for them to split time.

PITCHING: They both have decent bullpens, and the starters are a split, Wainwright and Wacha are two studs where the Sox just need someone to step up, like John Lackey who won Game 7 of the 2002 World Series. I expect ltos of great pitching this series.

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